The Government announced that schools will remain closed until at least 19th April 2020. Online teaching and learning continues through Office 365.

Classes & Activities

Classes & Activities


Classes & Activities


We believe Wilson's Hospital School offers a unique learning environment. Every pupil adds to the atmosphere of mutual respect and the common good. Each day is a celebration of learning and community. Days are structured and rules are clear. Our rules provide for sound discipline that protects the individual and nurtures community spirit. Indeed the Wilson's spirit is better described as a family, where the successes and trials of one are shared by all.


We are essentially a small school with approximately 400 pupils. This allows for maximum participation; everyone makes a valued contribution to their chosen area. In recent years our trophy cabinet has boasted provincial and national awards in many disciplines. The sense of pride in the individual's own participation is what we regard as our greatest achievement.


Evening study begins at 6:45pm and concludes at 8:45pm for junior pupils and 10:00pm. for senior students. Members of our duty staff supervise evening study in an atmosphere conducive to learning.


Classes start at 9:00am and conclude 4:00pm. The main recreational time is between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. Wednesday afternoon is reserved for sports and other non-academic activities. Classes conclude at 1:15pm. We offer an extensive range of extra curricular activities including team and individual sports, as well as non-sporting activities such as choir, drama, first aid and GAISCE (The President's Award).



Upcoming Events


03.04.2020 4:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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