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Sports Evening 2018

Sports Evening took place on Thursday 3rd may this year. There are lots more photos on the school's Facebook page. The damp and cool weather didn't put off a large number of pupils who gathered after classes to run The Weafer Mile around the sport pitches. The going was soft but it was a competitively run race.

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This was followed by the swimming races which were great fun. There was also a more leisurely recreational "splash" before tea! The Nomad soccer cage was also set up in the swimming pool area and pupils were taking each other on in that. There were some very competitive matches!

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After tea we started with the seniors playing a mixed tag rugby tournament and the juniors playing a mixed soccer tournament while cage soccer continued. The finals of both tournaments took place. Then the winners of the Tag tournament were beaten in a match against the staff who also went on to beat a team of sixth years! 

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Soccer winners cr Tag Winners

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After the take away chips and sausage supper the action turned to the Concert Hall where the limbo competition took place for all ages from the very youngest to staff members. There was great support for all participants. Aisosa, Soky and Kieran got things off to a great start musically.


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Looking forward to the activities tomorrow starting at 9.00am after assembly with the 10k sponsored walk.

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