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Colours v Blues Hockey Challenge

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The Sixth Year girls (with three other players) played in the school Colours for the very last time in the annual challenge match against the incoming Senior Girls hockey team. Conditions were hot and dusty in the sunshine on Wednesday afternoon when both teams took to the pitch. It was a tight match but eventually the Colours team won 2-1. Mrs Scally (who played hockey for NUIG, Connaught and Ireland) presented the Cup to Lucy as Captain of the winning team.

The Senior Girls made a presentation to Ms Cosgrave as their team coach to thank her for all of her work with them through the season which saw the Senior A team win the Meath & District League. Today's match saw some players who gave up playing hockey return to the pitch and also some players who rarely play. While it was a competitive match, it was played in a very sporting way. Ms Devaney organised the event and Mrs Sweeney and Ms Cosgrave umpired. There are more photos on the schools Facebook page.

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