Our first full week is complete! It was great to see the students and staff settle in to the new school year.

Wilson's Wellbeing Challenge Week 1

well being stones


This is this week's Wilson's Wellbeing Challenge. Please PM your achievements to the FaceBook page.

Mind: write a Haiku that captures your experience of social distancing and send it in by PM to the school's Facebook page.

Body: lets see how far the Wilson's community can walk in one week (keeping within government restriction limits). You could download the "Map my Walk" free app to measure this. Screen shot the details in by PM to the school's Facebook page

Soul: Let us know (by PM to the school's Facebook page) what piece of music makes you want to dance for joy.

Next week we will show you some of the poems (sent in to Facebook by PM please), how far Wilson's has walked in one week and we'll crate a playlist of the music you suggest tolift our souls.