Well done everyone! We have been back to school for a month. Keep cleaning your hands, wearing your mask and stay physically distanced. Lets all play our part.

DEAR Challenge. Drop Everything And Read

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This Friday 24th April is DEAR day - Drop Everything And Read. Our English department were delighted to see everyone taking part in this event and they asked that you took pictures of yourself reading at 12pm on Friday (or close to it). We were encouraged to inventive  - dress up in your favourite character's costume, read outside in your garden or whatever you can do at this time. It was a little distraction and we hope you are all reading regularly anyway.

There will be a prize of a book voucher from Eason's for the best photograph. Ms Whyte has registered the for the challenge. Please email your English teacher through Teams or their email or you could email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Looking forward to receiving more of your pictures and keep reading!

Drop Everything And Read on Friday 24th April at 12pm. Here are some of the pics! 

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