Back to classes this week. Keep safe. Lets all play our part. Wash your hands, keep socially distanced and wear your mask properly.

Sports Day At Home and Active Home Week

Active home week

Active School Week has now become Active Home Week! It takes place from 27th April - 3rd May including Friday 1st May which is our annual Sports Day. 

Sports Day At Home activities:

We encouraged students, staff and the wider Wilson's community around the world to get involved with as many of the following activities through out the day as they can! It's not just for elite athletes!

#ActiveHomeWeek was launched on our social media sites. The first challenge was explained by Mr Dunne and involved running, walking or jogging 1km. Each year we hold the Weafer Mile race in memory of one of our teachers Joe Weafer. This year it was 1km.

There was an overwhelming response to the Weafer Km challenge. We thank everyone that has taken part in memory of a true legend, Joe Weafer. 106 people have taken place in the Weafer Challenge. 

Here are just a few of the pics:

collage 4  Collage 3  collage 5

Collage 1  Collage 2


At 12 o'clock the draw for the winner of the Weafer km took place. We have the winners!! Congratulations Ben W who clocked the best time at 3 mins.12 seconds. In second place Jennie was the Junior Winner and Nenpan was the Senior Winner. Ms Beirne was the Staff Winner and Mr Fred Wilkinson (Mrs Malone's father) was the Community Winner. The PE Department will contact the winners later today. Well done everyone who took part. We're especially delighted that members of Joe Weafer's family took part. We're so glad to have you with us virtually today!

 Screenshot 20200501 135258

We would like to thank the 106 participants who undertook the challenge covering 168.4 kilometres in the process. There really was an amazing response from everyone. We put all of the names into a random name generator and the first name pulled out of each category won. Apologies to those who thought they had picked up a prize, there’s always next year! 

There was a skills challenge which could be in any sport, from throwing a rugby ball into a hoop, batting a ping pong off a wall to a horse jump. Details of the challenges were sent to students in Teams. We compiled a video to give a flavour of the activities. There will be a prize for the best challenge. The video of the challenges has been posted on Facebook. 

Between 4.00pm and 5:00pm the challenge was to see how far the Wilson's Hospital School Community traveled together while staying apart.              We asked our community to Drop Everything and Move, to get out in the fresh air and be active walking, running, jogging, cycling, dancing, skipping and generally moving and smiling. Overall distances covered were sent to Mr Dunne. Pics have been flying in. Here are some of them.

Collage 1   Collage 3a   Collage 2

Thank you so much to Leaving Cert student Favour who performed especially for us all. This was posted on Facebook and Twitter at 6 o'clock.


At 7 o'clock there was a quiz on zoom organised by Mr Dunne and Mr Draper. Rounds included Sports In Wilson's; Irish Sport; Premier League; Rugby; Pop Culture and General Sport -  a wide variety of rounds and a mix of questions for every level. Essential equipment for this quiz included a sports top/jersey, a pen and paper and a phone (to take a picture of you taking part and your answers and send them in)  We have the winners!!! Look how close it was!!

Emma M 48; Rachel C 47; Sarah & Eoin 46; Rian 45; ElleAnna 44; Mark & Jennie 44; Ben W 43; Josh 40; Loise 40; Kevin 40.

Staff (Top 3): Á O'Gorman 49; A Dennigan 45; R Lennon 44

Congratualtions to you all! The prizes for the top three will be presented when we are back at school.

Here are some of the 60+ participants:

Quiz cr  quiz 2 cr

A huge thanks from the Wilson's community to Mr Dunne and Mr Draper and the WHS PE department for organising this day and making it such good fun.