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WHS online quiz


quiz 2

We had an online WHS Quiz  on Friday 15th May at 7pm.

There were lots of rounds (catering for all ages) from a selection of topics including:

Friends TV show, Sport, Disney, Father Ted, Know your WHS staff, Pop Culture, Food and Reeling in the Years.

It was great fun! Here are some of the participants.

2nd Quiz 1 cr  2nd Quiz 3 cr

These are the top 12 results of the quiz:

Students: Crowes 66; Cawleys 63; Izaak B 62; Shaws 59; Sarah-Jane C 57; Gillespies 57; Trowers 57; Wrights 57; Kevin D 56; McHughs 56; Harringtons 53; Murphys 52

Staff: Ms Dennigan 55; Ms O'Gorman 55; Ms Malone 48; Mr & Mrs Parke 48