Congratulations to the Class of 2018 who had a lovely day of celebrations on Friday 18th May.



Soccer in Wilson’s Hospital has been an important part of the school for many years now. The School is affilitaed to the FAI Schools Leinster Branch.
Girl’s soccer teams compete in a variety of age groups in Leinster Cup and League competitions. Integration of all girls soccer teams under a single coaching and management structure has now started to pay off. The Wilson's girls teams regularly compete against much larger schools and have finally started to see real results. 
 The school also fieldsboys soccer teams at a variety of age groupings. Boys play in the competitive West Leinster League. 
The FAI run a First Year Futsal Competition to develop the FIFA approved game of indoor football known as Futsal. This competition allows Wilson's to spot emerging talent in boys and girls new to the school. 
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