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Enrolment Procedure

Wilson’s Hospital School decides, in advance of the enrolment process, how many pupils will be enrolled in first year.   Currently the number is seventy-two.   Vacancies may occasionally arise in subsequent years in the event of a pupil withdrawing from the school.   Parent(s) / Guardian(s) seeking to have their child/children enrolled should note the following:

1.Applications should be made to the school on it’s official Application Form, accompanied by the documentation noted on the form.   The Application Form, including the Conditions of Acceptance, form the basis on which enrolment is considered.

2.Application Forms will be available for the year of enrolment in October of the year preceding the relevant year of entry. Those wishing to have application forms automatically issued by the school should complete a “Declaration of Interest Form”, available from the school.

3.The acceptance of any payments made does not signify acceptance of the application.   In the event of the school subsequently not being in a position to enrol the pupil(s), such payment will be refunded.

4.A decision to enrol a student will be made based on the School’s Admissions Policy.

5.Parent(s) / Guardian(s) will be informed within 21 days of the receipt of a valid Application Form of the School’s decision on the application.   Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are not prevented from re-applying subsequently in the event of a negative decision on application.

6.Parent(s) / Guardian(s) are required to notify the school promptly in the event of an enrolled pupil deciding not to take up the position allocated.