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Day Boarding

Day Boarding

Wilson’s Hospital School was founded as a boarding school on 17th April 1761. In furtherance of the continuing characteristic spirit of the school as determined by its boarding tradition and character, the services of the residential establishment are made available to Day Pupils. Such services and activities may be acquired subject to application, availability and the approval of the Headmaster. Application for such services is at the discretion of Parents/Guardians, and approval by the school for provision of such services and activities is at the discretion of the Headmaster based on certain criteria including demand under any relevant heading.

The provision or non-provision of any particular boarding service or activity to Day Pupils does not impact on Enrolment to the educational institution or the provision of tuition and the general school programme to all pupils on an equal basis without charge. Enrolment to the school is based on the school’s Admission Policy, detailed on this website at Home: Enrolment: Admissions Policy.

The Boarding Day services and activities which may be availed of include:


Mid-morning break time snack

Mid-day meal

After school study

After school boarding recreation programme

Medical care and routine treatments

After school boarding pastoral care and Chaplaincy services

Evening Dinner

Prep (evening study)

Emergency short term accommodation (Bed & Breakfast)

The charges for such services and activities are detailed on this website at Administration: Day Services.