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Sports & Extra-Curricular Activities Round-Up 8th - 13th May 2011.

Wednesday 11th May.

Rugby. Barry, Darren, Daniel, Arthur, Andrew and Conor took part in Leinster Section 'A' Schools rugby trials on two occasions this week. They all enjoyed the experience. Congratulations to Darren and Daniel who have been selected to train with the Leinster Section 'A' schools team during the summer.

Soccer. The Senior Boys' team played their last game of the season away aginst St. Michael's, Dublin. The game was played in UCD. It ended 4 - 1 to St. Michael's with the Wilson's goal coming from Ivan.

Cricket. The U14 boys and the 1st Year girls were in action today. The U14 boys were playing Sandford Park in a Leinster League match. They bowled first with some really good efforts from Craig and Mark. All of the Wilson's players batted well. Craig also batted well getting a six and Jamie got the top score of 22 runs. The 1st Year girls played their league game against The King's Hospital School. It was a very pleasant match during which both umpires coached the teams as they played. The Wilson's girls bowled first. They all did good jobs of bowling with very few wides. The fielding was mixed, but there was one good catch and a run out. When Wilson's went in to bat, they achieved a few fours which is very good for such young players. Cristina had a good game as wicket keeper and Cari batted very well. The team need to work on the speed of their bowling and they need tighter fielding. Neither team were successful on the day but both enjoyed their matches and learned new skills.

Sunday 8th May.

Congratulations to Wenceslas who won the Under 16 Solo Singing competition in the Navan Choral Festival 2011. He got an excellent mark of 95%. He is a bass singer and sang two pieces for the competition - Shemamdeah (a traditional American anthem) and then Olsis und Osiris (a piece by Mozart in German). The judges gave him some very favourable comments including his excellent diction and feeling and said that he has a future in singing. At the gala event in the evening, while everyone was waiting for the judges to announce the overall winner of the Choir of the Year, Wenceslas was asked to sing in front of the entire audience acapella! This is a huge achievement for this young singer. Well done!