The Government announced that schools are to remain closed until further notice.

Return exchange visit to Chateaudun, France takes place.

Exchange Visit to Lycée Emile Zola

The exchange partners from Form 5 went to the Lycée Emile Zola in Châteaudun, France for their return visit in mid-February.  We arrived at lunch time on the Friday and had a tour of the school. The next day we visited Orléans where we went to the Maison de Jeanne D’Arc and went ice-skating.  Sunday was spent with the host families.  Monday and Tuesday we spent time in classes and visited the old parts of the town of Châteaudun including the beautiful castle.  We also had a tour of the town’s military air base. The pupils and teachers were very welcoming and it was interesting to see how a French school operated.  Before returning home we visited Paris to see many of the famous sites.