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Senior Girls Soccer Team in a Leinster Final.

Last Friday's Umbro Leinster Final of the Girls Under 18 Cup unfortunately ended in disappointment for the Wilson's Hospital School Senior Girls Soccer team. They took on Grennan College, Thomastown, County Kilkenny.

A tense first half saw a lot of end to end action though Grennan College had more of the action and piled on the pressure on the Wilson's Hospital School girls. The Westmeath women held on until well into the second half (60mins). An accidental handball was a clear penalty for Grennan College. Gunda, in the Wilson's goal, had a superb game in place of the injured Jessica but she had no chance from the well stuck penalty.

Once Grennan got ahead they did not rest. The second Grennan goal was a beautifully struck volley from a floating corner to an unmarked girl in the 18 yard box. Their third goal was a goal-mouth tussle that struck the post and the bar before finally finding the Wilson's net. The final Grennan goal was a strike covered by Gunda until a deflection sent her the wrong way ensuring Grennan College an All-Ireland Semi-Final place. The final score was 4 - 0.

Wilson's did have chances against the run of play but failed to finish off in the goalmouth. Grennan's were mainly a fitter, more physical side. When Lynsey's hamstring gave up Megan was effective but as an Under 14 player was no match to the presence of the Grennan’s defence.

Best for Wilson's Hospital School were goalkeeper Gunda, defenders Davina and Laura, mid-field dynamo Jill, forward Jillian when she pulled back to mid-field and super-sub Megan.

WHS Squad:
Gunda, Davina, Zara (Capt), Shannon, Megan, Clara, Jill, Lynsey,  Lauren, Sharlene and Jillian.
Laura for Megan, Alice for Clara, Megan for Lynsey, Irene and Natalia.

The team manager, Gavan Kierans and team coach, Liam Boggs shared the players diappointment but look forward to continuing the season with the squad.