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Competition winner in European Studies.



Congratulations to Sophia who has won the Senior Euroscola competition. As part of her European Studies classes in Transition Year, Sophia and her class entered this competition. European students aged sixteen or over were invited to make a leaflet about the widely supported United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This leaflet was to be designed to inform people about the progress being made by individual countries towards achieving these goals. Sophia submitted her entry before she went on work experience. Her leaflet was selected as the winning entry for Ireland.

The prize for this competition is an educational trip to Strasbourg, France, in February 2011. Sophia and seven of her classmates will be accompanied by their European Studies teacher, Mrs. Rosemary Eager. Along with winning students from all over Europe, they will spend a day at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

During the day they will be meeting pupils from all over Europe and getting a tour of the Parliament buildings. In the afternoon they will be attending workshops where there will be discussions and exchanges of views on European priorities. They will select a representative to present their findings and conclusions in front of the entire gathering at the end of the day. Topics for discussion will include “The Place of European values in the world”, “The environment and renewable energies”, “Democracy and citizenship” and “Europe’s future”. Challenging themes indeed!