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Sports Day 2019 finished with the presentation of sports awards for the year. It is a great celebration of all of the participation by our students throughout the year.

The Rugby 7s and Tag Rugby trophies started the proceedings.

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Sam, Ross, Marco, Alex, Elena and Ellen received rugby awards.

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Rachel, Chinwe and Amy received hockey awards.

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Evelyn and Javier received soccer awards.

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Izaak and Avril won sporting endeavour awards.

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Craig was presented with the TY Leinster Orienteering award which he won recently.

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Sports person of the year is presented to a student who has gone beyond all expectations in their commitment to sports in the school and also at home. They encourage others to participate and show a real love for sports. This year Roisín was named Female Athlete of the Year and Conor was named Male Athlete of the year. Congratulations to all our awards winners and to everyone who took part in sports throughout the year in Wilson's Hospital School.

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New awards in basketball and badminton were presented in assembly this week. Congratulations to Evelyn and Shalom who were named as Girls and Boys Basketball Player of the Year respectively. Sam was named Most Improved Badminton Player of the Year and Joshua received the award for Badminton Player of the Year.

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