It is great to see our students back to school for classes from Monday 12th April.

Motivational study skills seminars.

rayse the game 1

There will be livestream motivational study skills sessions for all of our students this week on Thursday and Friday. The sessions will be provided by Ray Langan who is a study skills coach, an online educator and a teen behavioual expert. More information can be found on his website at

Ray has been in WHS before and has been very well received by our students. He will concentrate on self-motivation skills and on study tips and tricks. Ray will also be running a parents' workshop on the evening of Thursday 25th February. We would highly recommend this for all our Parents/Guardians. We had great fun with him last time. In this period of lockdown he will raise the energy amongst us all. Rayse the Game workshops are being sub-vented generously by the Parents' Council. Many thanks to all of them for their ongoing support.

He recorded a short film for our students which can be seen on our Facebook. Instagram and Twitter pages.

The students' workshops are at the following times: 

Thursday 25th February: 9.30am - 11am: Form 1 and Form 2

                                         11.30am - 1pm: Form 5

Friday 26th February: 9.30am - 11am: Form 6

                                   11.30am - 1pm: Form 3 and Form 4

rayse the game 2