Good luck to the Leaving Cert students sitting their exams over the next few weeks.

Sing It Loud show night.

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Some of the YSI students in TY organised a livestreamed concert to raise awareness about mental health on Wednesday 19th May.  It was on YouTube and there were links to donate to Pieta House.
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Izaak and Aimee introduced the acts starting with Evelyn playing the piano. They encouraged everyone watching to donate to any mental health charity including Pieta House. Tara played the violin next followed by Raul who sang in his native Spanish. Victoria sang her version of an Ed Sheeran song. The talent continued with Vaughan playing the flute.
1 Ev  2 Raul
Nathan and Jamie were about to advise us how to get rich when there were serious connection issues. It was a great effort by the YSI students and really demonstrated the amazing talents of our students.
When they had sorted the connection issues, Aaron and Jack were first up. Izaak interviewed them about their music and how it was creating music during the lockdown. Jane played a medley of songs on the keyboard next.
5 AJ    6 J
Despite the technical issues, it was a great event displaying such a wide range of talents throughout the school. We are proud of you all.
When the technical issues finally got the better of them, the students recorded Aimee introducing Sarah and Sophie singing Adele's "Make you Feel My Love". This is the link to it - enjoy!
This is the NEW link to the Youtube channel.
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