Hope all of the Wilson's community enjoy a happy and safe holiday!

Form 1 Exam Timetable

Form 1 pupils are in class as normal on Monday 27th November and until break time on Tuesday 29th November. Then their exam time table starts with them in the Weafer Hall as follows:

Wednesday 29th November:

9.00-11.00 am: Class as normal

11.15-12.00pm: Study in the Weafer Hall

12.00-1.00pm: Maths

Thursday 30th November in the Weafer Hall:

9.00-10.00am: Gaeilge

10.00-11.00am: Study

11.15-12.15pm: Geography

12.15-1.15pm: Study

2.00-3.00pm: Religion

3.00-4.00pm: Study

Friday 1st December in the Weafer Hall:

9.00-10.00am: History

10.00-11.00am: Study

11.15-12.15pm: Science

12.15-1.15pm: Study

2.00-3.00pm: Study

3.00-4.00pm: English