Hope all of the Wilson's community enjoy a happy and safe holiday!

Form 2 Exam Timetable

Tuesday 28th November in the Weafer Hall:

9.00-11.00am: Gaeilge

11.15-1.15pm: French/German

2.00-4.00pm: Maths

Wednesday 29th November in the Weafer hall:

9.00-11.00am: Geography

11.15-1.15pm: CSPE

Thursday 30th November in the Weafer Hall:

9.00-11.00am: Science

11.15-1.15pm: TG/Home Ec/Music

2.00-4.00pm: English

Friday 1st December in the Weafer hall:

9.00-11.00am: History

11.15-1.15pm: Spanish/Art/Business

2.00-4.00pm: RE