Many congratulations to the Class of 2018 who received their Leaving Certificate results on Wednesday 15th August. We are so pleased for you all.

Form 3 Art PracticalsThursday 25th January - Friday 26th January


Monday 29th January: Study in classroom with class teacher

Tuesday 30th January: 9.00am: English     1.00pm: Science

Wednesday 31st January: 9.00am: Irish 1

Thursday 1st February: 9.00am: Irish 2     1.00pm TG/Home Ec./Music

Friday 2nd February: 9.00am: Maths 1      1.00pm: Geography


Monday 5th February: 9.00am: Maths 2      1.00pm: French/German

Tuesday 6th February: 9.00am: Business 1   1.00pm: RE

Wednesday 7th February: 9.00am: Business 2/Spanish

Thursday 8th February: 9.00am: CSPE      1.00pm: History

Friday 9th February: Classes as normal


Good luck everyone!



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