Good luck to everyone sitting Mock Exams this week.

A group of TY students have arrived in Vigo for a four day trek on this beautiful part of the Camino de Santiago. Fresh off the plane, they had a nice warm start walking 8.5km in the sunshine.

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Day 2.19km route to Pedrouzo walked without rain. In the hostel getting ready for dinner. No injuries and all happy!

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Day 3: Last day of walking and tired legs all round! Officially 20km into Santiago de Compostela but close to 30km walked in total. The rain stayed away while they walked but there were hail stones this evening.

It was a great way to sample the Camino experience and hopefully some of the pupils will return to complete more stages or even the entire 791km from France to Santiago. Buen Camino!

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Day 4: There is torrential rain this morning as the group prepare to fly home from Vigo. They are happy not to be walking this morning in that rain! Please don't bring it back with you!!


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