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The school community gathered for a special assembly in the Weafer Hall on Thursday 17th May. Mr Finnegan and Mr & Mrs Scally are all retiring at the end of this academic year. With Transition Year pupils and Form 6 pupils finishing their classes tomorrow, today's assembly gave all the pupils in the school an opportunity to acknowledge the huge contributions that all three of those members have staff have made to school life at Wilson's Hospital School.

The Warden had found various letters of application that the teachers had written and references that they had submitted which really summed up their characters still to this day! Pupils from sixth year gave personal reflections about the teachers. Music provided by staff and pupils added to the warm atmosphere. Presentations were made from the pupils to each teacher in turn. They made emotional and heart felt speeches about what teaching in the school has meant to them. Mr Nigel Foley-Fisher on behalf of the school Boards thanked them for their many years of service to the school both inside and outside the classroom. It was a lovely occasion. There are more photos on the school's Facebook page.

Many thanks, congratulations and best wishes to Mr Michael Finnegan, Mrs Sheila Scally and Mr Joseph Scally from the whole Wilson's Hospital School family.

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