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Friday 18th May was the last day of classes for the students of Leaving Certificate Class of 2018 in Wilson's Hospital School. They gathered with their friends and families in the school Chapel for a special service with Chaplain Rothwell. Various members of the class took part. The Chaplain had prepared a special series of photos of their times in Wilson's. The Warden made a presentation to each member of the year. The Chapel and Front Hall were decorated in the colours of the school. It was an emotional and moving start to their evening. There are more photos on the school's Facebook page.

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Their group photos took place at the front steps. There was a drinks reception for the guardians, staff and parents in the Front Hall and then everyone proceeded to the dining room where Mrs Kenny and the catering staff had prepared a lovely dinner for everyone.

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This was followed by the speeches. Head Girl and Head Boy, Lydia and Stephen were first to speak and both made heartfelt speeches emphasising the importance of the people they have met in Wilson's and the experiences they have had through their time in school. They thanked all the various people in the school community who have been involved in all aspects of school life through their six years. Mr Maguire, Form 6 Year Head thanked all of parents and guardians for sending their children to school at Wilson's and he wished the Class of 2018 every good wish for a successful future. The Warden, Mrs McShane concluded the speeches. At the end of her speech she reminded everyone in Form 6 that they will always be welcome to come back to visit the school and to keep in touch.

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