Good luck to the Class of 2019 in their final period of exam preparations. TY students are on Work Experience.

Politics & Society Class at the Dáil

The Form 6 Politics and Society class visited Leinster House on Monday to meet with Oireachtas Education officer Conor Reale and with Jason Kiernan, Social Media Officer of the Oireachtas. The visit was focused on two issues that are the subject Leaving Certificate project titles, 1. 'Fake news'' and 2. the debate about lowering the voting age to 16.

The students met in one of the Dáil Committee rooms where they explored with Jason the subject of fake news and social media. A fascinating discussion covered a range of issues from the benefits and possibilities of social media to its dangers. The issue of social media and mental health was also addressed. 

Conor gave the group some insight into how politicians are trained to respond to reporter’s questions in a way that creates a sound bite. They then had to create their own sound bite from that day’s headlines. The visit concluded with a tour of Leinster House. 

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