We look forward to welcoming our new Form 1 students on Monday 26th Aug at 2pm and all of our other new students on Tuesday 27th Aug at 2pm.

The AIB Build a Bank team officially launced the school bank at assembly today. To mark the launch of Wilson's World Bank, there was a non-uniform day where pupils were encouraged to wear something representing their country of origin. It was a very happy event and the school mascot (Wilson the Bear) even made it's first appearance in assembly!

Starting next Thursday, pupils will be able to open an AIB account by bringing a photo of their passport and, if they are under 16, getting their parents to sign a form for them.

The Wilson's Build a Bank Team will be entered into a competition with other school start up banks. More details to follow.

After lunch, Mitch Darling from the Irish Mens' Hockey Team spoke to hockey players from Wilson's. This was a lovely end to the launch day of the school bank and was organised by the AIB.

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