The Government announced that schools are to remain closed until further notice.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019 who enjoyed their special celebrations this evening.

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The celebrations started with a service in the school Chapel with readings, prayers, songs and pictures. Members of the year particpated in a very special service full of memories. The Warden presented each of the year with a badge showing the school motto Res Non Verba and said that she hoped that they would wear the badge with pride and that they will no doubt meet other past students from the wider Wilson's family community wearing the same badge all over the world. 

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After the service, there was a drinks reception in the Front Hall and group photos taken at the front steps and all the way over to the school dining room. The dining room was full with students and their families and members of staff. The speeches started with Head Girl Raimey and Head Boy Edward who told of their times in Wilson's and their special memories. They thanked all of the people in the school who have helped them during their six years in school making very thoughtful presentations to the teaching staff, Mrs Kenny and the catering staff, the Deputy Principal, Dr. Finnegan and the Principal, Mrs McShane.

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Mr Keaney, Year Head for the Class of 2019 shared his memories of the group and wished them well in their futures. Mrs McShane encouraged them to always be respectful and considerate, looking out for each other as they move into the next phase of their lives. Chaplain, Emma Rothwell was thanked for her huge input into this special day and she concluded the speeches by saying grace before the meal.

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It was a lovely event which will last in the memories of the Class of 2019, their families and the staff and teachers of Wilson's Hospital School. They are wished evey success in their exams and their futures.