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Ladies Luncheon

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What a fabulous afternoon we had at the Ladies Luncheon. Thank so much to the Committee who organised this great event for the school to celebrate 50 years of Women in Wilson's Hospital School beginning in 1969 when some of the girls from Preston School, Navan (which closed) joined Wilson's.

Memories were made and there was lots of reminiscing. We had the pleasure of meeting the first female boarder, Preston School's first Head Girl and the first female teacher in WHS. They were joined by many past pupils, teachers, parents and friends. We learned about friendships and young courtships turning into a lifetime of friendships, love and marriage! Our guest speaker, Jill Blanc was uplifting and encouraging and past pupil Sophie Ray made an inspiring speech about women in today's society. The Principal, Mrs McShane was MC for the day introducing all of the speakers and guests. 

Thank you to everyone involved for your support and we hope you will keep in contact with each other and the school. There will be more photos soon!

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