Enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe.

Science Week 2019

science week

Two groups of students took part in ECO UNESCO workshops as part of science week.

The first group was all 2nd year students and their workshop was called Bee-o-diversity. The workshop explored how pollinators are essential to us humans and explores ways we can create bee-friendly habitats in schools, at home and in our community.

The second workshop consisted of students from 5th, 4th and 2nd year. Their workshop was on fast fashion. The workshop explored how our spending habits impact not only our purses, but our natural world. The workshop included an interactive upcycling activity where they revamped and old t-shirt into a tote bag.

There are quizes in all of the Science Subjects for students to complete during the week and lots of other activities are taking place in classes. More details to follow.

At a special assembly on Friday Mr Condell set students from each year group a challenge involving moving an empty can with a balloon. Well done to Padraig, the winner.

Mr Williamson accompanied two teams to the annual senior science quiz organised by the Science Teachers Association and help in Athlone Institute of Education.

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