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Tori at the Youth Assembly on Climate

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We are very proud of Tori who participated in the first Youth Assembly on Climate in Dáil Eireann. It was a great achievement to be selected among the 157 students from all over Ireland. There was great coverage of the event on RTE. She was part of the Education Committee. At the end of their discussions the Youth Assembly made 10 recommendations.

You can support the Youth Assembly recommendations here https://www.rte.ie/news/youth-assembly/2019/1113/1090623-show-support-for-the-youth-assembly-recommendations/ via RTE

Read Tori’s bio here https://www.rte.ie/news/youth-assembly-delegates-2019/2019/1012/1082905-tori/ via RTE

You can watch the tv coverage of the event here https://www.rte.ie/news/2019/1115/1091059-youth-assembly-coverage/ via RTE

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