Enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe.

Wellbeing Week

well being

This is “Wellbeing Week” in Wilson's Hospital School with a variety of activities taking place. Students in all years are being encouraged to be mindful of the principles of wellbeing and to take part as much as possible in the arranged events. A sample of these include:-

In-class activities:
Tuesday “Get up and Read”

Wednesday “Get up and Move”

Thursday “Get up and Talk”

Friday “Get down and Meditate”  

Lunchtime activities:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there will Dance, Knitting, Art and Games

Friday (Culture Day): Long assembly – European menu at lunch time and a Friday treat.

On Thursday, during the school day, there will be a Study Skills Workshop for the well being of 2nd, 3rd and 5th Form students. This is a 2-hour workshop which is active to encourage students towards better study management. Ray Langan is delivering this workshop and he will also give a Parents Presentation at 7 pm, Thursday evening.  Parents of all students are invited to this very worthwhile presentation. Students are not to attend this event as they will have their workshop during the day. The school and Parents Council are joint-funding this event. Thank you to the Parents Council for organising same.

The Young Americans are delivering workshops (fir the students who have already signed up for these) in various performing arts.

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