Enjoy the summer holidays and stay safe.

The Young Americans have arrived!


The Young Americans are a group of Performing Arts students who travel the world leading workshops and shows with young people. They have arrived in Wilson's Hospital School. They will be working with almost 60 of our students who signed up for the workshops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is all working towards a great performance show on Saturday 18th January in the Weafer Hall at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

It promises to be a wonderful, uplifting night’s entertainment. It is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance at a cost of €10 for kids and €12 for adults. They can be purchased from the Young American team at lunch time in the school tomorrow and before and after the workshop times. Any remaining tickets will be sold to the public 30 minutes prior to the performance so get in early to avoid disappointment.

These are some pictures from the first workshop on Thursday evening.

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