It is great to see our students back to school for classes from Monday 12th April.

National Tree Week 2021

6 2 cr  5 2 cr

To mark National Tree Week we planted two oak trees kindly given to the school by Thomas Pakenham of Tullynally Castle.The trees are native Irish oaks and were grown on the Tullynally estate. Thomas Pakenham is a well known arborist who has written several prize winning books including books about trees. He spoke to some of the students from Forms 5 and 6 by phone before they planted the trees.

The Principal, Mrs. McShane invited the current Form 6 students to return to the school in 2071 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of completing their education at Wilson's Hospital School and on that day to spend some time reflecting on their time in Wilson's under the shelter of the tree that they planted today. The Chaplain, Mr Hawkins gave thanks in prayer for the potential that these trees bring and the joy we can find in new life and growth especially in the current difficult times. 

Thank you to Mr Luthers who organised this event with Thomas Pakenham.

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