It is lovely to have all of our students back to school.

Phil 1   20210604 223500

Congratulations to Tori who reached the final of the UCD Irish Young Philosopher Award Competition in the first and second year category. This is a great achievement – well done Tori! The awards ceremony took place online and President Michael D. Higgins spoke to the students about the value of philosophy and philosophical thinking.

Entrants create a short project on any philosophical question they consider important to think about in the current time. It can be a general or a timeless philosophical question, or one that reflects on current circumstances.


Tori’s essay was called 'Perseverance' on Mars or persevere on Earth. It was a philosophical view of the good and bad of human endeavour. 'Perseverance' is a NASA rover in search of life on Mars. Throughout the essay she questioned whether 'Perseverance' on Mars is just as important as persevering through the challenges we face here on Earth? She asked whether we are using too much of our scientific knowledge to learn about another planet, rather than using this knowledge to protect our own.