It is lovely to have all of our students back to school.

Founder's Day 2021

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Happy Birthday to Andrew Wilson! (estimated to be 8th September 1650) Today is Founder's Day in honour of Andrew Wilson. 
Andrew Wilson born in 1650 and grew up in Trim. His father was a clergy man and brought the family up to be tolerant and to appreciate Christian values. Education in those days was not a feature of everyday life. It was the era of hedge schools.  Illiteracy was common and Andrew would have witnessed members of the wider community who toiled all their lives in low paying menial jobs become destitute when they could not work anymore. From a young age he developed a strong sense of the power of education. Andrew Wilson went on to become a very successful merchant sailor and amassed a large fortune. At the end of his life Andrew Wilson left a will that indicates a generous spirit. He made good provision for his family, died in 1721 and left the remainder of his estate to establish a school for young boys of the Church of Ireland tradition and a place of respite for older gentlemen who could pass on their skills and equip the young boys for the workforce of the day. In 1751 construction began on what today still stands as Wilson's Hospital School with 1761 being the first year of intake of young boys (aged between 7 and 12). The value on the provision of an education which prepared these young boys to go out into the world and make their own way is still valid today. 26years on it is important to remember Andrew Wilson. Through his actions he showed great respect for others and great kindness and community spirit. A real role model of 'Res non Verba'.
Due to Covid constraints, each year group had a seperate short service of thanks giving in the School Chapel with the Chaplain Mr Hawkins reflecting on the kindness of the human spirit. There was also birthday cake for everyone at lunch time! Students Cian and Karyn were also celebrating their birthdays and helped Chef Lukasz cut the cake.
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